Warren Easton

At Warren Easton Senior High School, academic excellence is the highest priority. Our mission slogan is “We believe in success.” Maximum individual academic growth is stressed and good study habits are established in a nurturing and well-disciplined environment.

The administration, faculty, staff, parents and students believe that a structured environment is necessary for the assimilation of knowledge and the development of cognitive skills. We believe that students must be taught sound ethical, moral, and social values, in addition to a strong content-based, academic education. Such values and knowledge will serve as reference points from which to think and to make responsible decisions. We believe in the dignity of each individual and are committed to the development of young people who will meet the obligations of citizenship.

2020 Girls Platinum Roster

 Skylar DavisWarren EastonSenior
 Tianna WilliamsWarren EastonSenior
 Breanna SuttonWarren EastonJunior
 Kelsey SandersWarren EastonJunior
 Zacyria DozierWarren EastonJunior
 Irmani TurnerWarren EastonSophomore
 Jamyra TylerWarren EastonSophomore
 Kameryn WashingtonWarren EastonFreshman
 Ta’jae WillisWarren EastonFreshman