Founded and sponsored by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cabrini High School educates young women according to Catholic Cabrinian tradition.

Our college preparatory curriculum encourages students of diverse races, creeds, nationalities, and socio-economic backgrounds to discover their God-given talents through our commitment to academic excellence, spiritual development, and social growth.

Governed by the sisters and guided by a board of trustees, the faculty and staff as lay collaborators foster respect for each person’s dignity and prepare students to confront difficulties, accept responsibilities, and serve their community.

2020 Girls Platinum Roster

3Hannah WestonCabriniPGJunior5'3
5Elise NicosiaCabriniGSophomore5'1
10Britney BacheminCabriniGSenior5'7
11Karlie SchnauderCabriniGSenior5'4
12Jada SpencerCabriniPGFreshman5'2
15Alexis ColemanCabriniFSenior5'10
20Cecelia EntwistleCabriniGSophomore5'0
21Kristen PanchameCabriniGSenior5'4
22Cristi BantilingCabriniGSophomore5'0
42Rece WyreCabriniF8th Grade5'8
44Sadie AmatoCabriniGJunior5'5

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Nancy Walsh

Assistant Coach

Frank Hobley


Mr. Truxillo


Mrs. Hrapman

Athletic Director

Kirk Maronge