Natchitoches Central

Natchitoches Central High School is located on the Natchitoches Bypass between property owned by NSU and the Louisiana Technical College. It serves students from the Parish Seat of Natchitoches as well as the villages of Provencal, Robeline, Marthaville, Allen, and Cloutierville. All students in Natchitoches who live below the Red River Bridge, with the exception of part of Payne Subdivision, are served by Natchitoches Central High School. The unique aspect of combining students from town with those from the more rural areas has been a duty of both excellence and pride for all stakeholders associated with the school. The history of Natchitoches Central High began with the purpose of inclusion of all. This is still a highlight of the school’s mission.

2020 Girls Gold Roster

2Abrionna KennedyNatchitoches CentralGSenior5'6
3Junti FranklinNatchitoches CentralGSophomore5'7
10Zelia FrazierNatchitoches CentralGFreshman5'4
13Thank you’Renisha BowersNatchitoches CentralGSophomore5'6
14Constaga ThomasNatchitoches CentralGJunior5'6
20Saniya NelsonNatchitoches CentralFFreshman5'7
21Layla LlorensNatchitoches CentralGFreshman5'7
25Nia HardisonNatchitoches CentralGJunior5'9
34Ty SowellNatchitoches CentralGJunior5'8
43India JacksonNatchitoches CentralFFreshman5'8
50Selena HumphreyNatchitoches CentralCSenior6'0
55Deseria CharlesNatchitoches CentralCFreshman6'0

Coaching Staff


Bill Gordy

Head Coach

Nikki Jones

Assistant Coach

Becky Keller

Assistant Coach

Mindy Stokes

Assistant Coach

Ebony Burton